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Inner City Kids - Mix 4 AMDISCS, free download @http://amdiscs.com/shop/innercitykids


01 Top Of Tola - It’s Something
02 Spaceman - Over It
03 Jona Grizz - Inner City On That
04 Spaceman - 2 Cups Of Blood Killstyle
05 Aaron Cohen - So What
06 Flapjak - Rain (Necedah Remix)
07 Jimmy Astro - My Extraordinary Rap Song
08 Alvie TheSkywalker - Discount Horror Movies
09 Aaron Cohen - You Wouldn’t Know

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When we last saw Aaron Cohen, the Queens-via-Seattle rapper was performing a live studio session of “Potential Fans.” Since then, he’s garnered many new fans by dropping several videos and a mixtapenamed after the single. He plans to release another mixtape this fall, and has already dropped the title track “You Wouldn’t Know.”

Cohen has also made some new friends. We recently caught up with hip-hop collective Inner City Kids (ICK) at the Mishka store in Williamsburg. This energetic group boasts talent from all over the five boroughs. In this session, you’ll see verses from Spaceman, Flapjak, AB Go Hard, Jona Grizz, Aaron Cohen, THINK Watts the Prophet and Kontraband. ICK plans to release a collective mixtape later in 2014.

While you’re at it, check out the new video for “Young Casanovas”featuring Aaron Cohen, and AB Go Hard.